How long does a hose last?

The most common question; what is the lifespan of a hose?

It depends on the material of the hose, what you’re using the hose for, temperatures, pressures, how you handle it, if it’s taken care of properly, friction from the workload, and even static use. Hoses can last 10+ years if it’s under a low workload and handled correctly. Some companies will replace their hose assemblies every 2 years, while others will keep going until it fails on them. We highly recommend customers to check up on their hoses once a year. Our goal is to provide safety, longevity and performance.

Do you repair hoses?

Yes! We have a rubber and weld shop repair department dedicated to fixing your hoses & other assemblies. We kindly ask you to wash down and clean out the inside of your assemblies before bringing them in for repairs.

Can I wait while my hose is being repaired?

Absolutely. Our team works fast and efficiently. You’re welcome to wait a few minutes while we fix up your assemblies.

Can I pick up orders?

You can swing by any of our six branches and pick up your orders. You can even go through our showrooms and add a few more items to your shopping cart while you’re there!

Do you deliver?

We have multiple trucks on the road all week long dedicated to delivering your product on time. Depending on where you’re located we can also ship them out through a courier or trucking service.

What is the temperature rating of a metal hose?

1250°F is the standard temperature rating of our metal hose assemblies.

Do you test hoses?

Ontario Hose does in-house and on-site hose testing. We test all of our assemblies before they go out to customers – with water or air, depending on the assembly and customer request.

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