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  • BDF400-scaled

    Flour Hose with Static Wire

    Application: Used in the transfer of dry bulk food products such as sugar, flour, rice and corn

    Temperature: -20°F to 160°F

  • OHSHA400

    Hot Air Blower Hose – Rubber

    Applications: Hot air blower use, designed for transferring hot air to tank on dry bulk material trucks
    Temperature Range: 20°F to 300°F

  • R360S400-scaled

    Stainless Steel Blower Hose R360S Unlined [packed]

    Applications: For engine intake and exhaust systems, conduit, granular materials, spouts, casings, and chimney liners 
    Note: Maximum pressure capacity of 15 PSI

  • SF400KU300

    SuperFlex SF400 Stainless Steel Dry Material Hose

    Applications: Pneumatic conveying of grains, powder, pellets, clay, ash,fertilizers, wood chips, drugs, chemicals, corrosive, hot, or
    abrasive materials, and a variety of other dry products
    Note: Uni-directional flow, maximum working pressure is 15 PSI

  • ohs-TBM300

    Tan Bulk Hose – Hardwall

    Applications: Suction and discharge of abrasive material such as corn, flour, sand, limestone powder, plastic pellets and sugar. FDA approved pure gum tube