Hosetracker – Proprietary software developed by Ontario Hose to track and record hoses all on the web

Hose Identification
•All Hoses are labeled with a pneumatically stamped stainless steel identification tag containing hose number, company name, PSI of test, date of test, and the next due test.
•Tags are secured to the hose using two stainless steel attaching bands
•In addition, hose ID and manufacture date are stamped under each cam arm for both drop hoses and chemical hoses

Information Tracked:

•Company name
•Hose number
•Type of hose
•Diameter and Length of Hose
•Unit Number (trailer number, etc…)
•Location (branch location)
•Hydro Test Date
•Static Test Date
•Pressure of Hydro Test
•Service status (in service, stock, etc…)
•Service date
•PO and Invoice Number
•Previous hose number (if applicable)
•Date and User who made entry