Ontario Hose offers a value added program such as:
1. Hose Safety Audit – We will perform and audit any or all hoses in your facility, record this information in a data base and present the findings to you.
2. Hose Maintenance Reports – These are monthly reports available to you documenting hoses tested, purchased and repaired.
3. Spill / Failure Investigation – Incident reports relating to hose failures or spills.
4. Inventory Control and Cost Reduction – Offer guidance with product selection and mix.
5. Delivery Services – All our locations use company owned vehicles to pick up and deliver to or from your premises (where practical)
6. Hose Testing – All hoses are tested before they leave our premises!
7. On Site Testing – We will test and certify your hoses at your location.
8. On Site Training – How to test hoses, attach end fittings, how to be safe using hoses and hose storage.
9. Hosetracker – Proprietary software developed by Ontario Hose to track and record hoses all on the web.
10. CRN – Supplying the widest range of hoses when CRN certification is required.
11. B620-09 – We provide training, certification and testing so your company hoses comply with B620-09.