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BlackMaxx All-in-One Coupler not only can take the place of three types of couplers, Grooved to Grooved, Grooved to Plain, and Plain to Plain, it is constructed of a composite fiber material that is lightweight, strong and impervious to corrosion.

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Weight reduction of over 50% compared to other couplers on the market

The coupler offers two gasket configurations; split or solid. Suspended in the gasket material is a unique FDA-approved lubricant that eliminates the need for additional lubrication.

Exclusive safety lock and pin prevents the coupler from opening while under pressure

  • Two closure options: Cam Handle or a Bolt On Tee Handle
  • Available in a 4″ size
  • The exclusive hinge design matches the curve of the gasket. It is moved closer to the inside body to eliminate pinching of gasket as in previous design couplers.


Size (in.) Description Part #
4" Black Maxx Coupler A1 with Solid Gasket - Cam Handle BTC-BM-A1-4
4" Black Maxx Coupler A1 with Split Gasket - Cam Handle BTC-BM-A1-4S