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The Internal Chemical Hydraulic Valve is designed for use with a wide variety of chemicals.

It is an internal self-closing stop valve, therefore it does not require under carriage crash protection. Available elbows are supplied with shear sections to meet 49CFR 178.345-8 (a)(4). A heavy mounting flange is provided to insure a flat surface for a positive seal. A replaceable Teflon seat and a replaceable stem are provided for ease in repairing a damaged valve.

The 1/8 NPT Hydraulic connection is located on the outside of the mounting flange, 1500 PSI minimum hydraulic line pressure is required to operate the valve, but do not exceed 4,000 PSI hydraulic link pressure.


Description Part # Material* Flange O.D.

Bolt Circle

Bolt Holes

Temp Range MAWP Weight
Internal Hydraulic Valve CH47003SST 316 Stainless 8 3/16" 7 1/4" 8 - 9/16" -40°F to +400°F 50 31
Internal Hydraulic Valve CH47003LHT

316 SS w/

Hastelloy** trim

8 3/16" 7 1/4" 8 - 9/16" -40°F to +400°F 50 31

NOTE: A flat mounting surface must be provided for the valve. Recommended mounting pad with extended studs is MP19741LC.

*Material listing is for all wetted surfaces exposed to product during normal operation of valve.

**Hastelloy trimmed valve is an option that includes Hastelloy C-22 overlay on the disc (5) in the area in contact

The Hastelloy overlay reduces the potential of the disc pitting at the seat contact area.

Suffix "017" indicates Teflon eat W/ Double Tef-Sil O-Ring.