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  • For use in two point vapour recovery systems
  • Choice of four models with probe, with and without poppet, and with or without adapter outlet
  • One piece bronze locking arms housed in polymer bushings
  • Advanced design side lever locking system
  • Buna seals and stainless steel hardware
  • Bolt on 3″ male outlet included (can rotate for extended life)
  • Use VR6000-6 as replacement 3″ adapter for VR 6200 or VR6500 model
  • VR6200, VR6000 and VR6500 share a common bottom end with other vapour elbow

Note: See 6400 drop elbow for single point vapour recovery coaxial elbow


Part # Description
VR6200 VR6200 elbow with 3" adapter outlet, outlet poppet valve

VR6500 elbow with 3" adapter outlet, includes outlet poppet valve

VR6500NP VR6500 elbow with 3" adapter outlet, without poppet valve