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  • OHS-Harvest-Hose

    Continental – Harvest Hose

    Harvest is primarily for dry food transfer. For tank truck and/ or in-plant applications for the transfer of dry, non-oily bulk foodstuffs

  • OHS-FM-hose2

    Food Master XTreme 250SD Cr – White & Gray Food Hose

    Recommended For: Transfer of mil. juice, beer, soft drinks, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or water-based products requiring a FDA sanitary hose. Also suitable for many dry bulk products via suction, pneumatic or gravity where a sanitary hose is required.

  • 19B050P250-resized

    General Service Air/Water – Continental

    An economical  air and water hose, used in a wide range of applications including industrial, construction and agricultural

  • ohs-greasevac3

    Grease Vac Hose

    Brand new Flexible and Lightweight hose for grease extraction. Smooth grease resistant inner liner perfect for food grease and soluble oil collection.

  • GGF300-2

    Grey Food Transfer Hose

    Application: Used in the transfer by pumping, suction and discharge of non-dairy food products. 
    Temperature:  -40°F to 180°F
    Tube: Vinyl Nitrile, FDA Approved

  • 200SFG150-scaled

    KanaFlex 200 SFG Food Hose

    Application: Food grade suction hose for use in canning, dairy and bottling
    Note:  Made with NSF51 approved materials

  • ohs-kanaline-fw

    Kanaline FW

    Applications: Heavy-duty food grade suction and discharge hose for bottling, wine making, canning, dairy, brewing and liquid foods

  • OHS-gpeff-hose

    Plicord ExtremeFlex Food Grade

    • Temperature Range: -25°F to 212°F (-32°C to 100°C)
    • Reinforcement: Spiral-plied synthetic fabric with galvanized wire
  • OHS-ggf-hose

    Plicord Gray Food Hose

    • Temperature Range: -25°F to 230°F (-32°C to 110°C)
    • Reinforcement: Spiral-plied Synthetic Fabric with Galvanized Wire
  • ohs-polyspring

    PolySpring PVC Hose

    Standard wall food and beverage grade vacuum/transfer hose with rated working pressures.

  • 19B050P250-resized

    Premium Multi Purpose Air/Water

    A premium-quality multipurpose hose,  able to handle air, oil, water and kerosene

  • FM200_1-scaled

    White Food Transfer Hose

    Applications: Transfer of  milk, juice, soft drinks, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics requiring and FDA sanitary hose
    Temperature: Temperature range is -40°F to 230°F

  • WWD050-2-scaled

    White Washdown Hose

    Applications: For general clean-up and hot water wash down service.
    Temperature Range: -40°F to 200°F