Hose Assembly Inspection and Testing for Highway Tanks

7.2.10 Hose Assembly inspection and testing
The hose testing requirements specified in Clauses to shall apply to product delivery and vapour return hose assemblies that are temporarily connected between the tank or any tank-mounted accessory and the point of supply or receipt during loading or off-loading but shall not apply to hose assemblies that are part of the piping system and are pressure tested in accordance with Clause
Despite Clauses 7.1.1 and 8.1.1, a competent facility that has knowledge of the hose testing requirements need not be registered to test and inspect a hose assembly.
Personnel performing the inspections and test specified in Clauses and, respectively, shall be trained in product and hose safety, inspection and test procedures, and rejection criteria. A record of this training shall be kept in the employment files of those personnel.
Hose assemblies shall be inspected annually for
(a) damage to the hose cover that exposes the reinforcement;
(b) kinked flattened, or permanently deformed wire braid;
(c) soft spots when not under pressure, buldge under pressure, or loose outer covering;
(d) damaged, slipping, or excessively worn hose couplings;
(e) loose or missing bolts or fastenings on bolted hose coupling assemblies;
(f) deteriorated legibility or absence of the serial or identification number and HAWP
Each hose assembly shall be pressure tested annually in accordance with the following:
(a) A hose assembly having any damage identified in CLause shall be taken out of service and not be pressue tested until repaired.
(b) The test pressure shall be the greater of 120% of the marked HAWP of the hose assembly and 518 kPa (75 psi) except that
(i) f
or CSA-certified hose assemblies, it shall be not less than 1552 kPa (225 psi);
(ii) f
or gravity off-load hose assemblies (drop hoses), it shall be not less than 69 kPa (10 psi);
(iii) f
or vacuum hose assemblies on tanks loaded by vacuum, used exclusively for vacuum loading, and marked “vacuum only” in place of HAWP as specified in Clause, the test pressure shall not be less than 69 kPa (10 psi); and
(iv) the pr
essure test does not apply to vacuum hoses that are
(1) an integral part of boom assembly or vacuum system on tanks loaded by vacuum; and
(2) used exclusively for vacuuming loading.