• CRN – Supplying the widest range of hoses when CRN certification is required:
    CRN stands for Canadian Registration number. It is administered by TSSA.
    CRN certification is required on any hoses used in service over 15 psi pressure and attached to a registered piping system.
    TSSA states a hose assembly is considered a pressure vessel and must be treated as such.
    Most types of hose assemblies can be CRN registered.
    CRN hoses each have a unique ID number.
    Generally, most hoses over 15 psi conveying anything more hazardous than water requires a CRN
  • B620-09 – We provide training, certification and testing so your company hoses comply with B620-09
  • CSA – Canadian Standards Association:
    CSA is certification on a hose assembly.
    CSA certification is  required for hoses used to transport, propane, natural gas or anhydrous ammonia.
    CSA hose assemblies are issued a unique ID number and must display the CSA certification logo.
    There is no requirement for a yearly retest.
    CSA certifies hoses to the following speciation.
    CSA specification CR96-001 –  For Stainless steel braided hoses
    CAN/CGA 8.1 –M86  – For Rubber and composite hoses
  • TSSA – Technical Standards and Safety Authority
  • Certificates of Authorization: Click Here for details
  • ISO 9001:2015 – Specifies requirements for a quality management system (Stoney Creek & Kingston branches excluded)
  • CRN/CSA – Although not often required a single hose assembly can have both a CRN and CGA certification.