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  • OHS-DT400Y-250-PERF

    8-Slot Ducting – Perforated

    Poly-Drain 8-Slot perforated corrugated drainage pipe is specially designed for the heavy clay soils

  • ohs_draintile

    Drain Tile – Yellow / Black

    This solid single-wall pipe with a yellow exterior is used for low-volume drainage.

  • ohs-greasevac3

    Grease Vac Hose

    Brand new Flexible and Lightweight hose for grease extraction. Smooth grease resistant inner liner perfect for food grease and soluble oil collection.

  • OHS-KanaBOOM_Lite

    Kanaboom Lite

    General construction use, such as rock, gravel, sand and crushed concrete. Industrial VAC equipment, roof vacuuming, dry fertilizer and petcoke.

  • 180AR400 -2

    KanaFlex 180AR Material Hose

    Application: Abrasion resistant  suction hose for vacuum trucks or handling abrasives such as crushed rock, sand, pea gravel, cement powder, dry fertilizer, iron ore and grains

  • 180HR400-3-scaled

    KanaFlex 180HR Material Hose

    Application: Suction applications where high temperature and abrasion are factors such as handling of fly ash, crushed rock, sand, pea gravel and cement powder

  • 300EPDM300

    KanaFlex 300EPDM Water Suction & Discharge Hose

    Applications: Liquid suction hose for use in construction dewatering, liquid waste, cesspool cleaning, septic handling and agricultural applications

    Note: External helix provides easy drag

  • OHS-Kanaline_Blue

    Kanaline Blue

    Applications: Heavy-duty suction and discharge with increased flexibility in colder environment applications

  • ohs-polyvac2

    PolyVac Drain Tile

    Unparalleled Strength

    Excellent Abrasion Resistance

    Corrugated Profile for Flexibility